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Who we are

Triumph Outsourced specializes in outsourcing virtual sales and support teams tailored to your specific needs. Once your team is established, trained and prepared by our experts, we will follow-up immediately by providing a comprehensive management service to ensure your team remains active at all times. Your team will be an extension of your existing sales &/or support teams, or your official sales &/or support representation at either our near shore or offshore location.

Why use Triumph Outsourced?

Capability Without Complexity



We will manage your Sales &/or Support Team effectively through our spectacular in-house system.
A relationship manager will be assigned to put your mind at ease by displaying your team’s progress frequently.

Effortless Setup


We supply hardware, a professional work atmosphere, dedicated or shared ISP, along with everything that is vital to ensure your team is setup and fully equipped for work.

Time Management


Choosing us to setup and manage your Sales &/or Support team will essentially free up your valuable time. We leave you with the mental freedom and calmness to concentrate on other essential components of your business.

Remote Establishment


Our Sales &/or Support Team establishment is a virtual extension of your business. We offer you the freedom to run your company from virtually anywhere.

Proven CRM


Our CRM of choice is dedicated and proven to efficiently and effectively manage your outsourced team.

Cost Effective & Efficient

The average local salary, coupled with associated expenses of maintaining either a single employee or team, can be very costly. The results of utilizing our service will be exponentially cost effective & efficient than traditional salaries and benefits. We can help you:

  • Cut your overhead costs!
  • Stay within budget!

Our Internal System

A Comprehensive Package

  • Screening & Evaluation Image

    Screening & Evaluation

    We will dedicate the most suitable TO executives for the job. Our agents are experienced, and they undergo a proven vigorous screening and evaluation process.
  • Professional Training

    Professional Training

    After getting acquainted with your business and your specific needs, we will carry out all product and service training. We will also implement your company protocols & guidelines. This can also be handled directly by the client upon request.
  • Professional Supervision Image

    Professional Supervision

    A dedicated floor manager shall oversee your TO Team. The floor manager will take attendance and make sure your team’s expectations are fully met. Floor managers report directly to our relationship managers. An assigned relationship manager reports directly to you the client.
  • Good to Great Method

    Good to Best Method

    Our internal system involves weekly evaluation of your dedicated TO executives. This method ensures they are sharp, motivated, and ready to tackle sales objectives. Additionally, we apply a proven reward system that will ensure all TO executives are consistently enticed to strive for success.

How it works

  • Discussion with Client

    Discussion with Client

    • Triumph Outsourced Introduction & Client Introduction.
    • Brief us on the sales position(s).
  • TO Preliminary Discussion with our team

    Preliminary Discussion with Our Team

    • Coordinate a conference call with our head floor manager.
    • Introduction to suitable candidates via video conference or call.
  • TO Executive Selection

    TO Executive(s) Selection

    • Officially choose your dedicated executive(s).
    • Brief us on the sales position(s).
  • TO Executive Selection


    • Coordinate for a one-on-one training with the relationship manager.
    • Once we fully comprehend the nature of the job and your expectations, we will commence immediately with internal knowledge sharing, and appropriate executive or team training.
    • The turnaround can vary based on the job description.
  • Official Launch

    Business as Usual!

Put your mind at ease knowing that we got you covered

Triumph Outsourced will handle the establishment, and the general day-to-day management of your team’s activities. Hiring us as an extension of your existing sales &/or support team, or as your official representation, will definitely reduce your daily workload.

  • Manage your team directly through a single
    contact, an assigned Relationship Manager.
  • Manage your team from virtually anywhere.
  • Receive periodical reports of your
    team’s activity, job accomplishments, and more.
TO Put Your Mind at Ease Image

Triumph Outsourced has the capacity
to handle any business globally.

Triumph Outsourced Silver Price Plan

$1950/mo Per Single Agent 1-5 Hires LEARN MORE
Advanced Call RoutingGeneral Agent Service Package
  • Experienced Agent
    • Proficient in English
    • Sales Experience
  • Office Hardware Necessities
    • Soft Phone + Computer + ETC
  • Business Grade ISP
  • Rigorous Training
  • Vigorous Floor Management
    • Premium CRM Included

Top benefits of using Triumph Outsourced

Hassle Free Employment Image

Hassle Free Employment

We fully handle the A-Z of identifying a most suitable Triumph Outsourced Team handpicked from our active group or in-country network.

Day to Day Management Image

Day-to-Day Management

The upper and lower level management of Triumph Outsourced assumes full responsibilities of managing your Sales &/or Support Team. We will report to you periodically on the assigned agent or team’s productivity. We will establish an open communication channel with you to handle any problems that may arise in the course of the job. This is to ensure the smooth running of the job in an effective manner.

Slash Employee Liability

Slash Workers liability

You don’t have to deal with all liabilities associated with local employment. TO will simply invoice you at the end of every month, and our invoice will be itemized as a general expense to your organization.

Simplified Employment Image

Simplified Employment

In a case where you would like to extend your sales team with TO, we can help you grow your team in a couple of weeks. This is a case-by-case basis, and our relationship managers can assist in such cases. You can trust us to take you by the hand through all the process involved.

Triumph Outsourced was established with the aim of assisting organizations in the market place. We seek to help them achieve an efficient and effective support &/or sales force, all at an affordable monthly re-curing cost.


Gil Strauss


Gil, Founder of Triumph Outsourced llc, has more than 15 years of reliable experience directing employees through both start-up and growth modes. He was the Co-founder of both SMG Global llc and TelcoExpo. He had spent over 8 years as chief executive officer in both the technology as well as the networking & marketing segments of the Telecom Industry.

His understanding of international business encompasses wholesale carrier sales, business management, direct sales, customer support, and more.

Among his noteworthy recent positions, Gil served as the Executive Vice President of Cordial Communications and Executive Sales Manager at IDT Telecom.

Contact Phone


Sales: (800) 822-0291

Contact Address


3000 Atrium Way,
Suite 200 PMB#2032
Mt. Laurel NJ 08054-3910

Client A, International Law Firm

Law firm, a global law firm specializing in immigration law, is a one of a kind firm that caters to clients globally. Helping their clients achieve appropriate legal documents to one of their specialty countries Is the essence of their business. The firm happens to be a very successful business. With growing demand for their services, the legal firm required an immediate and affordable solution in order to keep up. And so, they contacted Triumph Outsourced.

After the first few weeks of running the Law firm campaign, Triumph Outsourced was able to master the clients existing approach and internal protocol. Additionally, Triumph Outsourced provided very helpful professional tips & feedback which helped fine tune the clients overall approach. Also, when they encountered several hurdles with their campaign, Triumph Outsourced made sure to take initiatives and improvise new strategies with the approval of the client. One example was a Middle Eastern sub campaign targeting a country where most of the hot leads preferred to hold a conversation in their mother tongue. Triumph Outsourced took an initiative of gathering alternate approaches. In this case, we lined up candidates with competitive resumes but also fluent in the Arabic language. Of course, only with the approval of the client, we then took immediate action to implement a change with that same sub campaign by assigning it to a more competent agent. Triumph Outsourced offers special care and handle of every active campaign under our wings.

Client B, Ballistic Virtual Reality

Ballistic VR, a dynamic Israeli startup specializing in architectural virtual reality solutions, happen to be pioneers in this line of business. This accomplishment is mainly due to their out of the box creative outlook on architectural virtual reality. They happened to reach a business phase that required a more both strategic & aggressive marketing approach in order to appropriately grow their prospect/client base. And so, they reached out to Triumph Outsourced.

After multiple conversations with the client, and several lengthy Q&A sessions with our team, we were able to gather the right team for the client. After weeks of running their campaign, we were able to really get a feel for the ideal approach of their outbound calling campaign targeting a carefully selected group of leads. When we encountered some hurdles, we made sure to address them immediately to the client. We realized the agent script required a makeover. Additionally, we realized that their internal prospect protocol required a few adjustments. Once the proposed adjustments were implemented, with the approval of the client, we noticed real momentum with the campaign.

At Triumph Outsourced we strive to deliver top notch service with a single objective in mind, and that is to help our clients succeed in what they do best.

Case Studies

Triumph Outsourced and a Global Law Firm Specializing in Immigration Law

In 2017, we helped a Global International Law Firm that specializes in immigration law achieve exceptional sales results for several of their country campaigns.

/ challenge

To achieve a 10% plus sales conversion rate for all their country campaigns.

/ Results

The combination of pinpointing deficiencies with sales processes along with the establishment of a competent sales team accomplished:
Great Sales Conversion Rate: We were able to meet clients set expectations for target sales conversion rate of 10% plus.
Operational Costs Reduced: By migrating over a percentage of clients existing sales staff on to us we were able to reduce their operational costs by up to 40%. This was a major milestone accomplished for the client.

/ Solution

Triumph Outsourced established a team comprised of competent candidates for the sales job function.

First, after understanding the clients primary job function and their target lead base, we ensured to establish a sales team appropriate for the job.

The sales team consisted of agents carrying relevant skills & experiences to best tackle the sales job function.

Second, we improved the overall sales approach and call handle by means of adjusting all general campaign material.

Additionally, we applied minor adjustments to the sales protocol. This allowed us to further strengthen the overall operation in order to meet client’s expectations.

Our capabilities consist of vetting competent candidates, providing grade A training, implementing appropriate sales processes, two levels of staff management, ongoing
professional input and a competitive offer.
This proved to deliver razor sharp repeatable results to our client.

Triumph Outsourced and an Architectural Virtual Reality Start-Up Company

Early 2017, we helped a Start-up company, specializing in Architectural Virtual Reality solutions, establish an active sales force tackling their state campaign.

/ challenge

To achieve a 5% plus conversion rate for their Chicago state campaign. This was accomplished by means of engaging with their top leads in order to ensure we both
enlighten and interest them in the clients Virtual Reality solution.

The objective was to be able to book a face-to-face product demo appointment with a product specialist and the co-founder.

/ Results

Our extensive business review, consulting, and major modifications applied to their existing sales approach and call handle combined with the establishment of a competent
sales team achieved:

Actual Sales Conversion Rate: We were able to achieve target results for the start-up company for their ideal state campaign. Prior to using Triumph Outsourced, the client was
not able to achieve any results on their own nor with other competitors.

Low Operational Costs Achieved: Being that the Architectural Virtual Reality company is a start-up, they had limited funds and a very limited budget. Helping them achieve results by hiring us, we were able to not only deliver but also help them stay within their respective budget.

/ Solution

Triumph Outsourced put together a team comprised of competent executives for this unique sales job function.First, after understanding the client’s business model and
general approach, we ensured to establish a sales force appropriate for their then early (start-up) business phase, as well as their product general sales pitch.

The sales team consisted of agents carrying relevant skills & experience to best tackle this unique job.

Second, we fully improved their overall sales approach and call handle by means of adjusting all general campaign material. Additionally, we applied major adjustments to their sales protocol, fine tuning their strategy and sales call objective in addition to defining their appropriate target leads.

We created multiple sales rebuttals for their campaign which contributed to meeting and at times exceeding the client’s expectations, as it improved the probability of achieving the target sales conversion rate.

Our capabilities consist of vetting competent candidates,providing grade A training, implementing appropriate sales processes, two levels of staff management, ongoing professional input and a competitive offer.

Additionally, being that this client was a start-up, we involved our seasoned executive directors who provided valuable input to the client and their campaign. This proved to deliver stellar results to our client.

Find out exactly how Triumph Outsourced,
an expert in outsourcing both support and sales teams,
can impact your business today.


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