Case Studies

Client A, International Law Firm

Law firm, a global law firm specializing in immigration law, is a one of a kind firm that caters to clients globally. Helping their clients achieve appropriate legal documents to one of their specialty countries Is the essence of their business. The firm happens to be a very successful business. With growing demand for their services, the legal firm required an immediate and affordable solution in order to keep up. And so, they contacted Triumph Outsourced.

After the first few weeks of running the Law firm campaign, Triumph Outsourced was able to master the clients existing approach and internal protocol. Additionally, Triumph Outsourced provided very helpful professional tips & feedback which helped fine tune the clients overall approach. Also, when they encountered several hurdles with their campaign, Triumph Outsourced made sure to take initiatives and improvise new strategies with the approval of the client. One example was a Middle Eastern sub campaign targeting a country where most of the hot leads preferred to hold a conversation in their mother tongue. Triumph Outsourced took an initiative of gathering alternate approaches. In this case, we lined up candidates with competitive resumes but also fluent in the Arabic language. Of course, only with the approval of the client, we then took immediate action to implement a change with that same sub campaign by assigning it to a more competent agent. Triumph Outsourced offers special care and handle of every active campaign under our wings.

Client B, Ballistic Virtual Reality

Ballistic VR, a dynamic Israeli startup specializing in architectural virtual reality solutions, happen to be pioneers in this line of business. This accomplishment is mainly due to their out of the box creative outlook on architectural virtual reality. They happened to reach a business phase that required a more both strategic & aggressive marketing approach in order to appropriately grow their prospect/client base. And so, they reached out to Triumph Outsourced.

After multiple conversations with the client, and several lengthy Q&A sessions with our team, we were able to gather the right team for the client. After weeks of running their campaign, we were able to really get a feel for the ideal approach of their outbound calling campaign targeting a carefully selected group of leads. When we encountered some hurdles, we made sure to address them immediately to the client. We realized the agent script required a makeover. Additionally, we realized that their internal prospect protocol required a few adjustments. Once the proposed adjustments were implemented, with the approval of the client, we noticed real momentum with the campaign.

At Triumph Outsourced we strive to deliver top notch service with a single objective in mind, and that is to help our clients succeed in what they do best.